Monday, March 5, 2007



These are just a few of the terms used in this guide. See the right-hand column for a collection of online filmmaking glossaries.

deal memo - Outlining what two parties want from the deal. Often done in the form of a one-two page letter and as a precursor to a full contract, but can also stand alone as an agreement.

distribution - Getting your film seen by more than your family. Distribution refer to any form of distribution such as, having a film print made, internet streaming, or festival screenings – any way that you can get it out there is distribution.

exclusivity - Used in terms of rights and gives the buyer of the rights the exclusive use on the work.

grading - A grader will go through your film and correct each scene to achieve the exact colour and tonal qualities that you want.

in perpetuity - Used in terms of rights and licensing, meaning forever.

outline - The plot structure to your story, avoiding unnecessary embellishments.

post-production - Everything that takes place once the film has been shot. Including editing, grading, music, visual effects.

synopsis - A brief description of the overall story.

treatment - Describes what happens in the story, following the plot structure and looks in detail at what happens. Normally does not have dialogue

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